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10 variations icon challenge
...can you make 10 different icons from one image?
Mod post: About the spam 
14th-Sep-2011 12:41 am
spn - nebulein
Hey guys,

this is one of your mods speaking. I've just gone and deleted a whole row of spam posts in this community. Sorry about that. theaeblackthorn and I are both not very active on LJ anymore. It only came to my attention because a member of this comm messaged me, or I would've acted sooner.

If you notice any more spam posts, please message me directly and I'll delete them.

We do want this comm to remain a nice, tidy place for everyone to post their completed icon sets. We didn't have the time to approve claims and moderate the queue anymore, so posting is open for everyone. We're happy to see people completing the challenge even after all these years.

If you've got any other problems regarding this community, or would like to lend a hand maintaining it, get in touch with us. :)

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