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Additional Set!

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Note: Do not copy the icons in the examples. Do not follow the tutorials to the last step. They are there to give you ideas on how to do things.

Aim & Explanation: This set requires the icon maker to be slightly more advanced than the regular set does. It requires you to make use of provided fonts, basic animation (programme provided) and a lot more creativity! Each rule within this set is a description of a popular icon style. We know icon styles get over-used and can become boring, the aim of this set is to stick to those rules but make your icons new and interesting! A different type of challenge!

Any questions? Queries? Please see the FAQ.

01. popart
[Popart icons are based (loosly) on popart itself. For examples of popart see here, here and here. Bright colours, stark contrast, etc.]

(tutorial by grrliz_icons)

02. single letter in old english font with smaller (tiny) text
[The above is pretty descriptive. It's the use of a larger letter in an 'old english' font with smaller text over it.]

03. use a font that's "in" at the moment
[We always see fonts the come into fashion, they just spread everywhere. Generally these fonts are quite nice, but they're everywhere. Everywhere. The fonts in this rule should change as the icon making world does.]
Font: (click to download)
(Installing fonts: mac, windows)

04. dots 'n dashes
[This is that trend of using lines made up of dots or dashes across the icon. The best way to explain this one is in the examples. There are lots of brushes available, but you can also change the spacing of any brush you're using to create these lines.]

05. glowy dots
[Those big bright glowing dots that are placed on an icon. They can be any colour and any size. (Although they tend to be fairly large and often red or white.)]
pacaliseternalphoenix_agent00 @ _imaginarium_

06. little inset pictures with a frame around them
[You have one image, make it smaller or zoom in on it and put a frame around it. The aim is for it to be smaller than the main icon.]

(tutorial by myrasis)

07. huge white/black space around the pic
[It's really what it sounds like. It's the use of a large black/white space around the pic of an icon. It can be on one side, two, all sides, equal, larger on one side. Anything.]

(tutorial by nightcomes in sunnyhell_icons)

08. repeat the pic zoomed in/desaturated/offset/etc
[This is when the pic is either duplicated, offset, or zoomed in on one section of the icon whilst keeping the main image in another part of the icon. It's best seen in the examples.]

09. blinkies!
[These tend to be popular in the Anime fandoms. They basically are 'blinky' things. Things that flash on the icon. If you very much have a problem making blinkies, just make an animated icon.]
theaeblackthornyiddidea_iconswe don't know!

(unFREEz - free, small programme with instructions) (tutorial by theaeblackthorn)

10. everything but one object/color desaturated
[Think Sin City. It's an icon where all but one thing (e.g. person, book, gun, eyes, etc) or one colour (red, blue, green, etc) in an icon is black&white. If your original image is b/w, color something in.]

(tutorial by aiken_4graphics)
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